Our disco is a top class DJ setup with disco lighting, digital quality sound and a extensive collection of sounds from old croaners to the latest chart hits. Disco,reggae,punk,rock,house,hip hop - we love requests so we can show you our huge collection of sounds.

Marc Hammond works as a DJ for THATS ENTERTAINMENT as well as number of national agents in the UK. An experienced entertainer he supplies disco services for all ages and is able to use in house disco set ups or is available fully self contained.

THATS ENTERTAINMENT DISCO can be supplied on its own or with either of our acts to supply a full nights entertainment without the hassle of booking a seperate DJ for the night. This means we can tailor the music to your own tastes and ensure that you dont hear multiple versions of the same song

The other advantages to both oursleves and to you is that the disco can share some of our live acts equipment cutting down on the floor space that would normally be required for two forms of entertainment.

Combination Packages

Disco/Marc Hammond DJ - suitable for all size venues

Live band & disco - suitable for all medium to large venues, perfect for weddings & parties etc...

Solo & disco - suitable for small to large venues ,all occasions and ideal for any number of people.

Solo, band & disco - suitable for medium to large venues which require a variety of styles and entertainment through the day and into the evening ie. a dinner dance with a laid back selection of solo live sound's during the day, plus a disco during dinner followed by a live band & then a disco party till the small hours.